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Published in 2013, the authors have produced the definitive book about all the products sold by Tri-ang under the Spot-on brand

Bryan Goodall, Vectis Auctions: "The best book they've ever seen of its genre". Richard Lines: "I didn't think it was possible".

492 pages and profusely illustrated. £63.00 plus £12.50 UK p&p, book will be despatched by the publisher.


FROG Penguin Plastic Kits 1936-1950 by Peter van Lune

Peter has been a collector of Penguin aircraft kits and models for over ten years, during that time he has comprehensively researched the history and products of International Model Aircraft, the company owned by Lines Brothers that produced the Penguin brand, the result is astounding - over 200 pages covering the story of the company's founders, Joe Mansour and the brothers Charles and John Wilmot, the full range of models and the wartime production of towed targets.

Illustrated with more than 400 mostly unpublished photographs.

 Price 30 Euros + p&p - visit www.frogpenguin.com

Retrotoyspares have a number of copies of this book to distribute in the UK price £28.95 + p&p,

please use the 'contact' form in order to obtain total price.


From G&J to Tri-ang - The Lines Family Toy Businesses

The First 80 Years by Peggy Lines 

Covering the earliest days of the Lines companies up to the Second World War, including clockwork Minic vehicles, and wonderfully illustrated with mostly catalogue illustrations, written by Peggy Lines and completed by family members, including Richard Lines and Anthony Lowth, after she passed away.
Only £20 including p&p - please email anthonylowth@btinternet.com to order a copy


Coming in 2017:

Britains Lilliput by Brian Salter

Brian is well known for his articles in Diecast Collector and Model Collector magazines, including a series covering Britains Lilliput. The full story has been developed and covers the pre-WW2 association with TTR, the variations found in the vehicles and a full guide to all the figures and other models.

Price TBA