On this page you can find links to other useful websites and resources.


Complementary Suppliers:

www.model-supplies.co.uk (Steve Flowers) - long-established supplier of spare parts for most popular collectable vintage diecast toy makers

www.modelcarparts.com - Dutch supplier of parts for UK and Continental vintage diecasts

www.triang.nl - specialist decals and parts for Tri-ang large scale toys, Minic, Spot-on, Meccano Car and Aircraft contructor models, Tekno and more

www.3mja.fr - La Boite a Jouets, spare parts for Norev, JRD, CIJ, French Dinky, Salza and much more

www.blacksquaredecals.co.uk - decals/transfers for Matchbox, Crescent, Budgie, Dinky Benbros, Moko, Morestone & more. Bespoke decal service

www.dinkyclub.com - spares and replica Dinky Toys including Dinky Club de France (CdF) issues

www.dinkyboxes.com - DRRB if you need a Dinky box look here.

OldBoxCo - mike.stacey01@btinternet.com - not just copies of original boxes but recreations using new artwork, many bespoke for models that never                       had an individual box originally. Bespoke service available. 

One of Mike's latest replica boxes - Dinky No. 42 Pre-WW2 Police Set.

Figures from Retrotoyspares.


Websites for research into company histories:

www.milesaircraftcollection.co.uk - has a Miles in Miniature page looking at the history of models of Miles aircraft.

www.robertnewson.co.uk - comprehensive website with articles on smaller British toymakers including Charbens, Timpo, River Series, Taylor & Barratt,                                             Arro, Kembo, Benbros, Budgie, Lone Star plus updated pre-war Tootsietoy history Profusely illustrated.

www.frogpenguin.com - Peter van Lune's history of Lines Bros FROG Penguin production from 1936, the world's first series of 'plastic' kits now available                                         as a superb book - see 'Featured Items' for ordering details.

www.aquitaine33.com - very useful site for Francophile collectors with dossiers covering Atlas Editions issues and esoteric French Dinky issues

cntrois.over-blog.com - extremely useful French website which lists the model vehicle series' issued as part works or on subscription in France