Replicas, Recreations and Transport of Delight models


For some time I been producing ‘recreations’ of Britains OO/HO Miniature Barrage Balloon vehicles and others complementary to them using a combination of original and reproduction parts. These are presented in replica boxes.

I have recently been given permission to produce the Transport of Delight range of, mostly, Dinky-based replicas and these will be added to the list as they become available.

For all items listed below please allow 28 days for delivery.



SWB Land Rover as it should have been issued originally

A conversion of Britains Series II SWB Land Rover fitted with cast grille and headlights based on their original LWB version.



Limited editions of ten only in each livery. Finished in authentic Land Rover colours [Marine blue, grey or green].

1st  Issue – Britains Floral Garden in Marine Blue.

2nd Issue – British Railways in

Maroon & Cream (in preparation)


Britains 1855

Barrage Balloon Lorry complete with Resin Barrage Balloon in replica box


Uses original LV603 cab


Britains 1879

Gas Cylinder Lorry & Trailer with Gas Cylinders red or silver)


Uses original LV603 cab &






General Service Lorry – with  period Britains-style box


Uses original Britains parts




Lilliput Army Staff Car with figures in replica box


original model repainted




Lilliput Army Saloon Car in replica box


original model repainted



Fordson E27N Airfield Tractor boxed


white metal replica.

Would complement Skybirds or Frog Penguin collection display.

Available in either olive green or RAF blue.



Horsedrawn Waggon boxed


based on model shown on TTR/ Trix layout at 1950 British Industries Fair.



Set of four Lloyd Loom Chairs, table and seated figures in Skybirds style box.


Coming soon



Dinky DH Comet Racer MacRobertson Air Race Set

white metal replicas


Boxed set of three aircraft in colours worn for the 1934 England-Australia Air Race



Dinky DH Comet Racer ‘The Burberry’

white metal replica


G-ACSS Two-tone blue

Individually boxed



Dinky DH Comet Racer RAF

white metal replica







Silver with RAF roundels unboxed


Single Aircraft in replica Dinky Trade Box - £40



Dinky Cierva Autogiro


Various Colours

Trade Box of Six assorted colours (all different) £150


Dinky Cierva Autogiro


Silver with RAF roundels or

Silver with French roundels



Dinky DH Flamingo


Silver G-AFUE boxed

Coming soon


Dinky DH Flamingo


Camouflaged RAF boxed

Coming soon


French Dinky Arc-en-ciel


Various colours boxed

Coming soon

Restoration Service

I have been restoring lead and diecast toys for over forty years, mostly for my own pleasure and collection but occasionally for friends. Since 2006 I have been producing ‘recreations’ of Britains OO/HO Barrage Balloon vehicles using a combination of original parts and white metal/resin castings – usually on a commissioned basis. These include replica boxes. In order to control costs I produce my own parts for these recreations. I am willing to quote for the restoration of similar lead and diecast toys (vehicles, aircraft, figures, etc) using my own parts or commercially available ones, this could include specially cast parts if not available commercially.

Quotes freely provided – just send me some photographs of your restoration project.









Examples of restored vehicles, Fordson Van finished in ‘Britains’ livery and Lilliput Centurion Tank in desert sand (fitted with my replacement barrel) – neither livery was issued by Britains. Replica boxes shown.

Dinky 33d Box Van - tinplate body had been overpainted in black & white, this was carefuilly removed, paint-stripped and resprayed in the appropriate green. Base plate/chassis had minor repairs due to metal fatigue and paint retouches where the overpainting had affected it. Transfers/decals were commissioned from Blacksquare Decals as none of the normal suppliers had the version with the gold edging. Shown with an original unrestored pre-war 33a Mechanical Horse.


Dinky Set 33 in reproduction box, 33d Box Van has repainted tinplate body and 33a Flat Trailer has been repainted, everything else is original pre-WW2 issue.

A commissioned restoration of a Britains VAC Ambulance.


Photos show original parts with white metal spares; repair to front wing; trial fitting of new parts; completed model primed; the finished result.


Decals and Driver were retrotoyspares made.


ARP Stretcher Set conversions from Britains originals


The Ambulance was subsequently sold for over £200.